We are supplying our spark plug cables for Korean OE customers and our K-1 Cable-Spark Plugis same with OE quality.
We are also providing our customers with warranty 2km / 1year.

* Cable Material : Silicone / EPDM / Silicone + EPDM (Standard material - EPDM)
* Conductor : Carbon Core Conductor (Glass yarn treated with carbon and coated with conductive silicone rubber)
* Wire Diameter : 5mm / 7mm / 8mm / 10mm (Standard Dia. - 7mm)

- Excellent electrical insulating properties
- High electrical conductivity
- Water-Proof
- High heat and extremely cold weather resistant
- Fully radio suppressed
- Petrol and oil resistant
- Easy to install

Note :
The spark plug cable must be installed and used according to service and manual of the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.
Please be sure that the engine and fan is stopped before replacement work