Sunrise Corporation provides exceptionally long pad and rotor life, and resistance to heat and ensures minimal squeal, minimum brake dust. K-1 Brake Pad also brings comfortable driving to its driver and less wheel contamination by wear and it has excellent braking power and low braking noise.

* Best “pedal feel” of any Korean brake pads
* Best combination of low dust, long wear and outstanding stopping power
* Best noise abatement
* Best friction technology
* Suitable for all driving styles and conditions
* Competitive pricing

This is a new range of brake shoes created specifically for tough conditions to provide a fast, reliable and economical brake shoe replacement. K-1 Brake Shoe ensures all-round premium quality performance to save you time and money

We can provide an all-new brake linings for light and heavy truck and trailer application. The K-1 Brake Lining is specially developed to offer positive stopping power and extended wear characteristics under a wide temperature range. It offers excellent value for money, allowing operators to fit a dependable product developed and produced for tough conditions.